Start Up Strategies for New Businesses

Are you ready to launch your own business? Have you developed a product or service that meets a market need? Are you able to bring it to market at a price consumers will embrace and still make a profit?  There’s a lot of work and research that comes between having a great idea and actually launching a business if you want to succeed. Whether you’re seeking venture capital, a bank loan or plan on self-funding, it is absolutely critical to put together a business plan and vet it with a mentor or successful entrepreneur outside of the industry you’ve targeted. Many local Chambers of Commerce offer such services. Take advantage of them. Follow these recommendations from successful business owners to ensure your business has identified the necessary components for success. visit for more detailed updates.

The first step is to identify the costs that will be incurred to develop and bring your product or service to market. These costs will determine the selling price necessary to achieve profitability. Are you able to scale operations and reduce development and delivery costs? Work through the costs that will be incurred from the services of engineers and designers, production costs, raw materials, packaging and finally delivery costs which include costs incurred in the sales and marketing channels.

What are your anticipated fixed costs? If you are not receiving any clients in your place of business, know that a great many businesses were started at kitchen tables, basements and garages. Renting office space is a luxury that should be saved for those that will meet directly with clients in that space. Consider the costs for technology and electronics. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and investigate the myriad of small business plans designed for small and emerging businesses from the trusted people at Wireless AT& They will be able to offer some of the best plans available to meet your specific needs.


Finally, recognize that you cannot be an expert at every facet of your business. To create a first class website that truly brands your product or service; you may well need to outsource this. Consider the costs associated with outsourcing. If selling is not your forte’, hire proven sales executives to bring your product or service to market. Consider the costs associated with commissions, salaries & benefits.  Be prepared to work harder and smarter than you have in any other endeavor. Launching a business is consuming but the payoff can be huge. Best of luck to you in bringing your product to market and ultimately enjoying a profit!